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1. The uprising of the French peasants against the nobility in 1358.
2. jacquerie A peasant revolt, especially a very bloody one.

[French, from Old French jacquerie, peasantry, from jacques, peasant; see jacket.]


(Historical Terms) the revolt of the N French peasants against the nobility in 1358
[C16: from Old French: the peasantry, from jacque a peasant, from Jacques James, from Late Latin Jacōbus]


(ˌʒɑ kəˈri, ˌʒæk ə-)

1. the revolt of the peasants of N France against the nobles in 1358.
2. (l.c.) any peasant revolt.
[1520–30; < French, Middle French, =jaque(s) peasant + -rie -ry]


a revolt of peasants against the social classes above them.
See also: Conflict


1358 A French peasant revolt against the nobility.
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These Old Regime tensions between the center and periphery deepened as the delegates of the Estates-General, reconstituted as the National Assembly in 1789, took to the task of drafting a new constitution for France, especially following the provincial uprisings of the Great Fear and the Parisian revolt directed against the Bastille.
The author of this study contrasts the Parisian revolts in 1848 and 1871; "the insurgents of mid-century fought .