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Noun1.Parji - a Dravidian language spoken in south central India
Central Dravidian - a Dravidian language spoken primarily in central India
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The other languages in the endangered category are Manda, Parji and Pengo (Odisha), Koraga and Kuruba (Karnataka), Gadaba and Naiki (Andhra Pradesh), Kota and Toda (Tamil Nadu), Mra and Na (Arunachal Pradesh), Tai Nora and Tai Rong (Assam), Bangani (UttaraAkhand), Birhor (JharAkhand), Nihali (MahaArashtra), Ruga (Meghalaya) and Toto (West Bengal).
In the discussion of the female genitalia, for example, the position and form of the 'vaginal bud' (kudhuping parji) -- that is, the clitoris -- are described as well as its function of giving sexual pleasure to a woman: 'its actions and its peculiarities are not different from the penis' (kadadosanipun sarta lageyanipun boten beda kaliyan dakar).
Burrow visited India four times during 1950-66 and collected data on Parji, Kui, Kuvi, Gondi, Pengo, and Manda in central India, accompanied by Dr.