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Noun1.Parkia - genus of tropical Old World trees: nitta trees
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Mimosoideae, subfamily Mimosoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Mimosaceae
nitta tree - any of several Old World tropical trees of the genus Parkia having heads of red or yellow flowers followed by pods usually containing edible seeds and pulp
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Identifying keystone plant resources in tropical forests: the case of gums from Parkia pods.
Now, experts say that African locust beans (Parkia biglobosa) are effective for mitigating complications of diabetes in organs of the body such as the liver, kidneys and pancreas.
Other firewood species that exhibited highest heating values but have low exploitation levels include Erythrina senegalensis (18.75 MJ[kg.sup.-1]), Detarrium microcarpum (18.41 MJ[kg.sup.-1]) and Parkia clappertonia (17.54 MJ[kg.sup.-1]).
Fabaccae Parida auriculata Fabaccac Parkia discolor (2) Fabaceae Parkia pectinata Fabaceae Peltogyne catingae Fabaceae Peltogyne venosa Fabaceae Peltogyne excelsa Fabaceae PitheceUobium adiantifolium (3) Fabaceae Pithecellobium sp.
This fact has also been observed for seeds of other forest species, such as Parkia platycephala Benth (Silva et al., 2017) and Amburana cearensis (Allemao) A.
For instance, local dietary resources like moringa (Moringa oleifera) leaves, African locust bean (Parkia biglobosa) kernels, Baobab (Adansonia digitata) leaves and fruits are increasingly being used in the formulation of infant flours [30].
A total of 8 species of trees were found, namely, Tectona grandis, Swietenia mahagoni, Acacia auriculiformis, and other trees such as Samanea saman, Gnetum gnemon, Alstonia scholaris, Parkia speciosa, and Tamarindus indica.