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Noun1.Parkinson - English surgeon (1755-1824)
2.Parkinson - British historian noted for ridicule of bureaucracies (1909-1993)
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They both spoke to the dingy dresser by name, calling him Parkinson, and asking for the lady as Miss Aurora Rome.
The presence of the one man who did not care about her increased Miss Rome's sense that everybody else was in love with her, and each in a somewhat dangerous way: the actor with all the appetite of a savage and a spoilt child; the soldier with all the simple selfishness of a man of will rather than mind; Sir Wilson with that daily hardening concentration with which old Hedonists take to a hobby; nay, even the abject Parkinson, who had known her before her triumphs, and who followed her about the room with eyes or feet, with the dumb fascination of a dog.
He had already handed his spear in a lordly style, like a sceptre, to the piteous Parkinson, and was about to assume one of the cushioned seats like a throne.
Father Brown and Parkinson were left alone, and they were neither of them men with a taste for superfluous conversation.
Father Brown seemed quite unconscious of this cloud of witnesses, but followed Parkinson with an idly attentive eye till he took himself and his absurd spear into the farther room of Bruno.
As he did so, old Parkinson tottered in his wavering way out of the door and caught sight of the corpse lying in the passage.
"This poor fellow was gone when I got across to him." And he stood looking down at old Parkinson, who sat in a black huddle on the gorgeous chair.
And spears catch at the end of the steel just like daggers, if they're that sort of fancy spear they had in theatres; like the spear poor old Parkinson killed his wife with, just when she'd sent for me to settle their family troubles-- and I came just too late, God forgive me!
"If Parkinson did it with that pantomime spear," said Butler, "he must have thrust from four yards away.
She struggled to free herself, and as she did so Parkinson came out of the prisoner's room and lunged with the spear."
"You will find me here when Parkinson has shown you round."
THE National Trust in the North East has launched a trial scheme to help people with Parkinson's disease become more active.