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or Par·kin·son·ism  (pär′kĭn-sə-nĭz′əm)
1. A syndrome characterized by tremor, muscular rigidity, slowness of movement, and postural and balance abnormalities, caused by Parkinson's disease or other diseases or induced by trauma, infection, or a drug. Also called Parkinson's syndrome.
2. Parkinson's disease.

par′kin·so′ni·an (-sō′nē-ən) adj.


a chronic condition of the nervous system marked especially by muscle tremors.
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Noun1.Parkinsonism - a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination
tremor - shaking or trembling (usually resulting from weakness or stress or disease)
degenerative disorder - condition leading to progressive loss of function
brain disease, brain disorder, encephalopathy - any disorder or disease of the brain


n parkinsonismo
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A trial published in Parkinsonism & Related Disorders evaluating the effects of a reduced form of CoQ10 known as ubiquinol in men and women with Parkinson's disease found improvement among a group of subjects experiencing "wearing off'--a return of symptoms that occurs when treating the disease with levodopa, which indicates the need for adjustment of dosage or change in medication.
The D2-receptor agonists can actually cause Parkinsonism.
It is pointed out that DLB is difficult to be diagnosed because the disease presents characteristic symptoms such as cognitive fluctuations, visual hallucinations and parkinsonism in addition to progressive cognitive impairment.
According to Live Science the present case report will be appearing in an upcoming issue of the journal Parkinsonism and Related Disorders.
He now uses a wheelchair because of a form of Parkinsonism that has robbed him of use of his legs.
Our SPECT study showed a trend toward decreased dopamine transporter density in the brain and Parkinsonism in the follow-up data of patients with REM sleep disorder who had no previous evidence of neurodegenerative disease," Hongyoon Choi, MD, a PhD candidate and researcher in the department of molecular medicine and biopharmaceutical sciences at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Sungnam, Korea said.
The clinical evaluation of patients with parkinsonism can be extremely challenging, even in expert hands.
Trainer Angelo Dundee stopped the fight in the 11th to end a battering many consider contributed to Ali's Parkinsonism.
Bush has lower body parkinsonism, which causes a loss of balance, and has used wheelchairs for more than a year, McGrath said in an email on Wednesday.
The most commonly observed adverse reactions in patients treated with lurasidone were somnolence, akathisia, nausea and parkinsonism.
Parkinsonism is a neurologic syndrome that has clinical features similar to Parkinson's disease.
Since the 1970s, Japanese neurologists have described patients with autosomal recessive forms of familial Parkinson disease (PD), (6) which have been termed "autosomal recessive juvenile parkinsonism" and "early-onset parkinsonism with diurnal fluctuation," both of which have become known as "PARK2" (1).