Parliament Hill

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Par′liament Hill′

1. the hill in Ottawa, Canada, on which the Parliament buildings stand.
2. the Canadian government or Parliament.
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CARL AVERY made a brave effort to make it on to the podium at the English National Cross-Country Championships at Parliament Hill Fields, London.
Francisco Noel Fernandez III at Parliament Hill on 05 February.
EVENTS LEADING UP TO THE sesquicentennial anniversary (150th) celebrations of the Canadian Confederation came and ended with a day of fanfare and a display of fireworks on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
People brave the frigid weather to skate on an outdoor rink on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Police also issued a photo of a swimmer - a potential key witness to the incident at Parliament Hill Lido in Hampstead, North London.
With this in mind, the Canadian Branch of the CPA is participating in numerous activities this year around Parliament Hill, highlighting Canada's long-standing relationship with the CPA and underscoring its ongoing contribution to Canada's evolving landscape.
We want the Canadian people to hear our story and we want that foreign corporations operating in the Philippines, especially Canadian mining companies, be held accountable for their complicity in human rights violations against our people," said Bishop Antonio Ablon, speaking at a news conference on Parliament Hill March 23.
The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) kicked-off Hill Day 2016 with an interactive breakfast reception in the Parliamentary Dining Room on Parliament Hill.
From the pomp and ceremony of speeches and the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill to a rock concert to a spectacular firework display, it was a ball.
Both leaders witnessed the signing of a letter of intent between Philippine and Canadian officials to launch exploratory discussions on a possible trade agreement at the Parliament Hill.
BEAU DICK, WHO PERFORMED a copper-breaking shaming ceremony on Parliament Hill last summer, told iPolitics he has had no response from Canadian authorities and does not know what happened to the piece of broken copper he folded inside a piece of canvas artwork and left on the steps of Centre Block.
Look it up," the Justice minister said as he walked past waiting journalists on Parliament Hill.