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Noun1.British Parliament - the British legislative body
British House of Commons, House of Commons - the lower house of the British parliament
British House of Lords, House of Lords - the upper house of the British parliament
parliament - a legislative assembly in certain countries
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There was an open carriage-and-four, for the Honourable Samuel Slumkey; and there were four carriage-and- pair, for his friends and supporters; and the flags were rustling, and the band was playing, and the constables were swearing, and the twenty committee-men were squabbling, and the mob were shouting, and the horses were backing, and the post-boys perspiring; and everybody, and everything, then and there assembled, was for the special use, behoof, honour, and renown, of the Honourable Samuel Slumkey, of Slumkey Hall, one of the candidates for the representation of the borough of Eatanswill, in the Commons House of Parliament of the United Kingdom.
There are more quarrels than with us, and more threatenings than gentlemen are accustomed to exchange in any civilised society of which we have record: but farm-yard imitations have not as yet been imported from the Parliament of the United Kingdom.
uk/petition/royal-wedding) petition addressed to the parliament of the United Kingdom, asking officials not to spend a dime of public money on the upcoming royal wedding.
In the Parliament of the United Kingdom, a model our parliament is derived from, an independent authority - Review Body on Senior Salaries - consisting of distinguished non-members, advise the government on the pay and pensions of MPs.
The rules of procedures of Pakistani assemblies, including the Punjab Assembly, are part of Common Law originating primarily in the practice of House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (UK).
London, May 9 -- The incumbent Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative party secured a majority of 331 seats in a surprise result at the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom, that "shook British politics to its core", The Times said.
In Great Britain, the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005(c 2) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, intended to deal with the Law Lords' ruling of 16 December 2004 that the detention without trial of eight foreigners (known as the 'Belmarsh 8A2) at HM Prison Belmarshunder Part 4 of the Antiterrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 was unlawful, being incompatible with European (and, thus, domestic) human rights laws.
Tajik Foreign Minister Sirozhiddin Aslov on July 2 at the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland made a statement before the members of the House of Lords (upper palate) of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, who are also the members of All-Parliamentary Group of Friends of Tajikistan and United Kingdom.
A group which is comprised of members of all parties represented in the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is staying in Ukraine targeting to form an objective vision about the state of matters in the country, the process of intrdocuing reforms and the situation joined with aggression by Russia, and also to discuss what assistance for the Government of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine must be provided by the European countries and, notably of Great Britain, to be effective.
28) The state of Queens-land first introduced its Succession to the Crown Bill, whose preamble also rejects the Canadian interpretation: "It is necessary for the Parliament of the State to enact legislation for these purposes as no Act passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom after the commencement of the Australia Acts extends to the State as part of the law of the State" (29)
This is the message that is being sent to the US by the Arab League, the parliament of the United Kingdom and many other world leaders and ordinary people.
Baroness Frances D'Souza, Lord Speaker of the House of Lords of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, paid her first official visit to the Republic of Macedonia on 25 and 26 September, in the year marking the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries.