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The official report of the proceedings and debates of a legislature in the Commonwealth of Nations, especially of the British or Canadian parliament.

[After Luke Hansard (1752-1828), British printer.]


1. (Parliamentary Procedure) the official report of the proceedings of the British Parliament
2. (Parliamentary Procedure) a similar report kept by other legislative bodies
[C19: named after T.C. Hansard (1752–1828) and his son, who compiled the reports until 1889]


(ˈhæn sərd)

the official published report of the debates and proceedings in the British Parliament or similar legislative bodies.
[after Luke Hansard (1752–1828) and his descendants, who compiled the reports until 1889]
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Noun1.Hansard - the official published verbatim report of the proceedings of a parliamentary body; originally of the British Parliament; "the Canadian Hansard is published in both English and French"
minutes, transactions, proceedings - a written account of what transpired at a meeting


nder Hansard, die britischen Parlamentsberichte
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In fact, a search of parliamentary Hansard shows the Greens did not raise the issue of BTEX chemicals and hydraulic fracturing at all in the Legislative Council during the last term of the Parliament of the former Labor Government," Mr Northe said.
The list of lapses is long and sordid, from fired or ignored ombudsmen, auditors and conscientious managers to wayward spending and broken promises that might seem better placed in a Greek tragedy than the parliamentary Hansard.

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