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 (pär-mĕn′ĭ-dēz′) Born 515? bc.
Greek philosopher and a founder of the Eleatic tradition.


(Biography) 5th century bc, Greek Eleatic philosopher, born in Italy. He held that the universe is single and unchanging and denied the existence of change and motion. His doctrines are expounded in his poem On Nature, of which only fragments are extant


(pɑrˈmɛn ɪˌdiz)

fl. c450 B.C., Greek Eleatic philosopher.
Par`me•nid′e•an (-məˈnɪd i ən) adj.
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Noun1.Parmenides - a presocratic Greek philosopher born in Italy; held the metaphysical view that being is the basic substance and ultimate reality of which all things are composed; said that motion and change are sensory illusions (5th century BC)
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in the Phaedrus, Phaedo, Republic; to which may be added the criticism of them in the Parmenides, the personal form which is attributed to them in the Timaeus, the logical character which they assume in the Sophist and Philebus, and the allusion to them in the Laws.
Passing on to the Parmenides, we find in that dialogue not an exposition or defence of the doctrine of ideas, but an assault upon them, which is put into the mouth of the veteran Parmenides, and might be ascribed to Aristotle himself, or to one of his disciples.
In this respect the difference between them is like that between Xenophanes and Parmenides.
It is a curiosity about Parmenides that his work belies its reputation for striking little flares of mystical eclaircissement in his reader.
Plato's late dialogue Parmenides recounts the tale of the elder scholar questioning young Socrates about his early philosophical ideas.
Asi, entra en juego y por la puerta grande una vertiente nueva de la literatura nacional y, por este medio, se dan a conocer escritores como Jose Agustin, Gustavo Sainz y Parmenides Gracia Saldana, entre los mas conocidos.
It follows, then, that Parmenides lacks eros, that is, his position fails to inspire people to care about his own questions and answers.
However, starting with Parmenides, this is precisely what is shown to be impossible.
This study has as its object to examine, in the light cast by its now-identified and commonly understood sense (itself based upon its deployment in Homer) how enanti- was used in the intervening period of presocratic philosophical thought in order to focus specifically on Parmenides B12.
Filosofos que mantienen posiciones incompatibles entre si, como Heraclito, Parmenides, Anaxagoras y Democrito responden con un tajante "no".
Zuckert's method is most successful when it overlaps an order that Plato himself makes evident, as in the case just mentioned, or in her choice to discuss the explicitly early Parmenides near the start of her book, despite its difficulty.
by apeiron), could proclaim that the universe is surrounded by infinite breath (pneuma), (3) Parmenides on the contrary argues that the universe is ingenerated and finite, without any kind of apeiron beyond the heaven.