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A member of a school of late 19th-century French poets whose work is characterized by detachment and emphasis on metrical form.
1. Of or relating to Parnassus.
2. Of or relating to poetry.

[French parnassien, after Le Parnasse contemporain ("The Contemporary Parnassus"), the group's first anthology of poetry (1866), after ParnasseParnassus (considered sacred to Apollo and the Muses), from Latin Parnassus, from Greek Parnāsos. Adj., from Latin Parnassius, of Parnassus, from Greek parnāsios, from Parnāsos.]


(Placename) of or relating to Mount Parnassus


(Poetry) one of a school of French poets of the late 19th century who wrote verse that emphasized metrical form and restricted emotion
(Poetry) of or relating to the Parnassians or their poetry
[C19: from French parnassien, from Parnasse Parnassus; from Le Parnasse contemporain, title of an anthology produced by these poets]
Parˈnassianˌism, Parˈnasˌsism n


(pɑrˈnæs i ən)

1. pertaining to Mount Parnassus.
2. pertaining to poetry.
3. pertaining to or noting a school of French poets of the late 19th century who emphasized form over emotion.
4. a poet of the Parnassian school.
[1635–45; < Latin Parnassi(us) of Parnassus + -an1]
Par•nas′si•an•ism, Par•nas′sism, n.
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Mr Dooley, in his 50s, was looking after trainer Amanda Perrett's horse Parnassian.
KARL BURKE'S Parnassian can return to winning ways in the Sky Bet Royal Windsor Sprint Series Handicap at Windsor.
Swinburne's theorizing of rhyme as not only the end of the line but also its means was imported from Parnassian poetics.
Quite lightly raced and with an attractive profile at this level, Consulting races in Essex off the same mark, with the appointment of Jamie Spencer certainly no bad thing in the At totepoolracing Win Tickets On Twitter Handicap Trainer Karl Burke has always been a big fan of Parnassian, who can do the business in the 32Red.
The unbeaten Parnassian could win the sales race while Katiymann is a hopeful choice in the concluding handicap.
LAdC: I'm completely convinced there's no rupture between that cultural aspect with the Parnassian roots of my first stage and the hyperreal symbolism characterizing my second stage.
Both editors' ranges of dates allow them to include all of the settings of Victor Hugo's and Charles Baudelaire's poems, as well as those of the early Parnassian poets.
Most of the Parnassian marble seats are intact and date from Roman times.
3) While the dedication offers the reader clues about the poet's aesthetic and ideological formation, the choices of the art works also mark the cultural milieu in which Machado was operating, a milieu that included traces of the Parnassian and Decadent currents that had profoundly impacted European letters.
Readers will find here alert and fluent readings of the zutiste's resolutely antagonistic stance towards the auratic authority of Parnassian patriarchs; thoughtful comments on the appropriation of the (rather bourgeois) micro-cultural formation of the "cercle" (72-73) and the "album"; some fine contributions to readings of texts such as "Le Sonnet du trou du cul," and an especially suggestive account of a dizain parodying Coppee entitled "Le sous-chef est absent du bureau.
He has a reputation (often overstated) for difficulty--"every poem has to be read syllable by syllable ten times over," observed the nineteenth-century critic Jozef Tokarzewicz--and critics are still trying to decide if he was a tardy Neo-Classicist, a post-Romantic, a Parnassian pre-Symbolist, or a precocious modernist.
She argues that their writing is best understood as propaganda, literature as a means to an end; thus she does not discuss the great body of work produced by miners who had more Parnassian aspirations, to use Brian Maidment's valuable characterization.