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Noun1.parol evidence rule - a rule that oral evidence cannot be used to contradict the terms of a written contract
rule of evidence - (law) a rule of law whereby any alleged matter of fact that is submitted for investigation at a judicial trial is established or disproved
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Regardless, courts are prohibited from taking parol evidence to explain or contradict the insurance contract's clear meaning.
It should come as no surprise that textualists prefer that courts default to a plain meaning rule, use a hard parol evidence rule, and define the boundaries of a contract by its integration clause.
As everyone learns in law school, the parol evidence rule is supposed to protect the integrity of a written contract by prohibiting the admission of extrinsic evidence to vary or add to the terms of the contract.
Parol evidence of one's status as donee beneficiary is the subject of this essay.
This is simply representing the so-called parol evidence rule.
Parol evidence can be admitted to show a fair and reasonable inference that the documents are connected.
These distinctions are as fundamental as the method of contract formation, basic principles of contract construction and interpretation, the writing requirement (statute of frauds), and the applicability of the parol evidence rule, just to name a few.
For example, he wrote an article about an Ohio case in which the Supreme Court confused the Statute of Frauds and the parol evidence rule.
Recovering the Contract Terms: The Parol Evidence Issue
of Montana) offers explanations of both correct and incorrect answers in the "murky" areas of these laws, and covers such exam topics as the Uniform Commercial Code, the scope of Article 2, the Parol Evidence Rule, the Statute of Frauds and remedies for both buyers and sellers.
4) If the consumer attempts to avail himself of an express warranty when something goes wrong with the product, the licensor can point to the e-disclaimer and integration clauses and claim that evidence of the express warranty is inadmissible under contract law's parol evidence rule.
The parol evidence rule is one guideline used by the courts.