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Noun1.Parophrys - a genus of SoleidaeParophrys - a genus of Soleidae      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Parophrys vitulus, English sole, lemon sole - popular pale brown food flatfish of the Pacific coast of North America
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Bioavailability of crude oil from experimentally oiled sediments to English Sole (Parophrys vetulus) and pathological consequences.
Kamiso and Olson (1986) analyzed the fish Parophrys vetulus from the Coast of Oregon, USA, and observed the highest values of prevalence and mean intensity of the parasite Gyrodactylus stellatus (Olson and Pratt, 1973) in Spring.
Variations in GSI have been reported in English sole (Parophrys vetulus) where GSI was significantly lower in fish from Duwamish waterway (heavily contaminated, sediment aromatic hydrocarbons (AHs) and PCB concentrations were high) than in fish from Sinclair Inlet (with relatively low levels of AHs and PCBs in the sediment) and was significantly lower in fish from both Duwamish Waterway and Eagle Harbor (with extremely high AHs and low PCB concentrations) than in fish from Sinclair Inlet in 1987 [18].
Movement patterns and distributional shifts of Dungeness crab (Metacarcinus magister) and English sole (Parophrys vetulus) during seasonal hypoxia.
The distribution of ammonia and H+ between tissue compartments in lemon sole (Parophrys vetulus) at rest during hypercapnia and following exercise.
(2008) recorded the presence of the same species of flatfish mentioned in this study on the west coast of Baja California, but they also included Parophrys vetulus and Hypsopsetta guttulata.
In addition, Lonzarich and Smith (1997) collected 15 species of fish from the Alviso salt ponds during 1985-1986, of which only two (bay goby, Lepidogobius lepidus; and English sole, Parophrys vetulus) were not caught during our study.
We used a suite of complementary biomarkers to signal contaminant-induced changes in the DNA structure and cellular physiology of the livers and gills of English sole (Parophrys vetulus).
Patterns of estuarine use by juvenile English sole, Parophrys vetulus, and Dungeness crab, Cancer magister.
The most abundant flatfishes were Pacific Sanddab (Citharicthys sordidus), English Sole (Parophrys vetulus), and Rex Sole (Glyptoceplwlus zachirus), with 2792, 1646, and 916 individuals of each species taken, respectively.
Size-at-age data are not available for most species, but for English Sole (Parophrys vetulus), the most common species, available aging data (senior author, unpubl.