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A trademark for the hydrochloride salt of the drug paroxetine.
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Noun1.Paxil - a selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor commonly prescribed as an antidepressant (trade name Paxil)
selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor, SSRI - an antidepressant drug that acts by blocking the reuptake of serotonin so that more serotonin is available to act on receptors in the brain
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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Chemicals Acetylcholine Chloride, Serotonin Carnitine Sulfate and Paroxetine Hydrochloride were purchased from local market.
5% carbomethoxycellulose), an oral dose of the vehicle alone (inactive control), or paroxetine hydrochloride (Paxil) dissolved in distilled water (active control).
Paroxetine was first approved in 1992 as paroxetine hydrochloride.
22 September 2010 - US Mylan Inc (NASDAQ: MYL) said yesterday it has received a temporary restraining order from the US District Court for the District of New Jersey that prohibits Apotex from selling and/or importing all three strengths of a generic version of GlaxoSmithKline's (LON: GSK) Paxil CR, Paroxetine Hydrochloride (HCl) Extended-release (ER) Tablets, 12.
Treatment of premature ejaculation with paroxetine hydrochloride as needed: Two single-blind, placebo-controlled crossover studies.