Parris Island

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Par·ris Island

An island of the Sea Islands off southern South Carolina near Beaufort. The site of the first French settlement (1562-1564) in the Americas, it has been a US Marine Corps training installation since 1915.

Par′ris Is′land

(ˈpær ɪs)
a U.S. Marine Corps training station in SE South Carolina, S of Port Royal Island.
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She was only in her Parris Island position for a year, though the improvements she implemented there might make it seem longer.
The staff member we flew down to Parris Island is gone, and only one other person besides me who works at Spectrum even remembers Jackson now.
Up to 20 officials on Parris Island face administrative and potential criminal charges for their complicity in the culture of hazing.
While at Parris Island they offered sports, swimming lessons and other activities that were strictly for the EFMP families, however these programs are not all offered at Camp Pendleton.
This new home near Parris Island sold by Carletha is measured at 2,643 square feet.
Her first duty station was Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island.
It was hosted jointly by the Palmetto Chapter, Fort Jackson; Low Country Chapter, Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot; and the Midlands Chapter, Shaw Air Force Base.
Searching for members of Platoon 358, Parris Island, February 1966.
Having passed the Foreign Service Written Examination in December 1961 and the Oral, in June 1962, shortly after the latter I found myself at Parris Island for Marine Corps Recruit Training; I was in the Reserve component.
The first part, lasting approximately forty-five minutes, deals entirely with the highly structured experience of Marine boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina.
In the summer of 1956, a drill instructor in the Marine Corps led his platoon on a nighttime march into the swamps of Parris Island, South Carolina, resulting in the deaths of six recruits in his charge.