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n. pl. parrotfish or par·rot·fish·es
Any of various brightly colored tropical marine fishes of the family Scaridae, having fused teeth resembling a parrot's beak.
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n, pl -fish or -fishes
1. (Animals) any brightly coloured tropical marine percoid fish of the family Scaridae, having parrot-like jaws
2. (Animals) Austral any of various brightly coloured marine fish of the family Labridae
3. (Animals) any of various similar fishes
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(ˈpær ətˌfɪʃ)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -fish, (esp. for kinds or species) -fish•es.
any tropical marine fish of the family Scaridae, having brilliant coloring and parrotlike jaws.
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Noun1.parrotfish - gaudy tropical fishes with parrotlike beaks formed by fusion of teethparrotfish - gaudy tropical fishes with parrotlike beaks formed by fusion of teeth
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
family Scaridae, Scaridae - parrotfishes
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Thailand is a snorkellers paradise, with a magnificent underworld of brightly coloured creatures, ranging from giant parrot fish to smaller angel fish and tiny fluorescent shoals, although an encounter I had with a moray eel was a bit too close for comfort.
Corals are protected by a hard, limestone skeleton, but hump-head parrot fish bite through rock and coral and the material which they swallow is expelled as sand.
The tourist areas of the Mombasa to Malindi coastline are generally broad, shallow sand and coral lagoons protected by an offshore reef and sport can be had in the shallow waters with coley-coley, parrot fish and small barracuda of 2-20lb, spinning with surface plugs or squid lures.
He's exploring the hypothesis that it came from a rash of unusually deep parrot fish bites that became infected by a pathogen not yet described in a publication.
Snorkelling alongside my daughter was a wonderful experience, in and out among the darting angelfish and brightly coloured parrot fish, pointing in great excitement at a barracuda.
Panatag's lagoon is about 2 meters deep, so a fishermen could throw a fishing net to catch talakitok (jack), isdang bato (small red snapper), loro (parrot fish) and danggit (rabbit fish), said fishermen Gerry Rizol, 51, a Ruvina 3 crew member.
Clownfish, which shot to fame in Finding Nemo, parrot fish and barracuda all followed, along with several others among the coral.
The other 20 per cent comes from the digestive tract of parrot fish who ingest the coral while eating algae.
Typical local dishes include steamed wahoo fillet or parrot fish with chips, although do remember having a fantastic pizza there.
Last time I went I saw turtles swimming - which is very unusual - as well as moray eels, parrot fish and angel fish."
Corals are protected by a hard limestone skeleton, but hump-head parrot fish bite straight through with their powerful jaws.