Parrot green

(Chem.) See Scheele's green, under Green, n.

See also: Parrot

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Turn it tropical: Percy Parrot green parrot ornament, PS120, and plushious velvet emerald green bedspread, PS380, both The French Bedroom Company
The fashion diva also walked the ramp on the second day of FDCI Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week 2018 (LMIFW) recently, and looked ethereal in an off-shoulder parrot green gown, which was paired with a flowy cape and a turban.
As I stood before the mirror a la Narcissus, my resplendent figure enthralled me, the lower half scintillating in a parrot green sheath.
COLOUR BLOCKING: While not everyone can carry off such a sari in a striking parrot green hue, Godrej made it work by contrasting it with a deep navy blue blouse.
In a color palette favored for Saudi Arabia, the hue palette is a combustion of maroon, gold, cobalt, burgundy, old rose, purple, gray, magenta, cream, parrot green, olive, royal blue, fawn, black and brown.
Barry M's Dazzle Dust, pounds 4.50, has fun shades, such as Petrol Black and Parrot Green. Best kept for nights out or used sparingly to match an outfit.
Two new colors, mellow yellow and parrot green, were added to Portofino's antique velvet table runners.
Get above it all From aloft, you can look down on a patchwork of russet vineyards and parrot green grass.
Parrot green combines absorption by a yellow pigment with blue due to scattering.
Sushmita looked ethereal in an off-shoulder parrot green gown, which she paired with a flowy cape and a turban.
For the performance that took place at Wembley Stadium before 72,000 people, he wore a green suit with a striped blue shirt and parrot green tie.