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also Par·see  (pär′sē, pär-sē′)
n. pl. Par·sis also Par·sees
A member of a Zoroastrian religious sect in India.

[Persian Pārsī, from Pārs, Persia, from Old Persian Pārsā.]

Par′sism (-sĭz′əm) n.
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Noun1.Parsi - a member of a monotheistic sect of Zoroastrian originParsi - a member of a monotheistic sect of Zoroastrian origin; descended from the Persians; now found in western India
religious person - a person who manifests devotion to a deity
References in classic literature ?
Fogg returned on board to resume his former habits; while Passepartout, according to custom, sauntered about among the mixed population of Somanlis, Banyans, Parsees, Jews, Arabs, and Europeans who comprise the twenty-five thousand inhabitants of Aden.
And Ahab chanced so to stand, that the Parsee occupied his shadow; while, if the Parsee's shadow was there at all it seemed only to blend with, and lengthen Ahab's.
He could just puzzle out the various English Police notices in Lahore city, because they affected his comfort; and among the many guests of the woman who looked after him had been a queer German who painted scenery for the Parsee travelling theatre.
During partition, the Roman Catholics, Adventists and Parsees combined to run relief centres and field hospitals in Sindh.
The bill, however, eases a path to citizenship for Hindus, Sikhs, Parsees and Jains -- non-Muslims -- who came from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan over decades.
Some Pakistanis appreciated this and some resented but the special resentment came out from the minority communities, like the Parsees. Sidhwa tells us about Feroza, the daughter of Zareen and Cyrus, who was a student at an English medium school.
August 17 marks the New Year celebrations of the Parsees in India.
It was, therefore, printed under special arrangement by the Bolton Press of the Parsees of Bombay (Mumbai).
Jews came, Parsees came and many others too landed in India seeking refuge.
Jews and Parsees are thought of as guests in India, but Christians and Muslims are considered invaders.
A higher incidence are seen in the North (15% in Parsees) as compared to South India (1% to 2%), except in tribals of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh (5% to 13%).
Parsees, on the other hand, visit the fire temple for thanksgiving prayers and offering sandalwood sticks to the fire.