Part singing

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singing in which two or more of the harmonic parts are taken.

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The performance lasted an hour and included part singing and vocal solos from pupils sitting SQA music exams this session.
The Eurovision song contest, which much of the non-American world treats as one part singing competition, one part war by other means, kicks off tomorrow in Portugal, with Israel's entry, "Toy" by Netta Barzilai, largely favored to win.
The singers moved between styles with ease and with good phrasing and well-prepared part singing, exemplified well in the contrapuntal Kyrie.
It is geared toward fostering the creative impulse, through improvisational singing, community part singing (La-lo, Lay-La), singing without words, to allow room for creative abstract experience in a relaxed setting.
More than 65 kids take part singing over 50 songs with comedy sketches thrown in too.
WILTON MALE VOICE CHOIR: Kelly Dodds, on behalf of Ayresome Court Residential and Nursing Home in Yarm, welcomed the choir to an afternoon of four part singing, arranged by Musical Director Eileen Moores and conducted by Syd Watson.
I long for the time when the old part singing will return ...
Our school Glee club also took part singing a selection of songs old and new, like Take a Bow, Don't Stop Believing and Proud Mary.
In the second year of training, the actor progresses to an intermediate level in all the component areas of the Music Skills unit: 1) aural progresses into sight-singing and part singing; 2) music theory deals with chord knowledge and uses both contemporary chord notation and Roman numerals; 3) keyboard involves playing a melody line and being able to accompany this with chords in the left hand (called "method A" playing).
Balance was always of paramount importance with intricate part singing blending perfectly for the soloists.
Nine contestants took part singing their favourite numbers before a live audience and panel of judges at Northumbria University Student's Union.