Parthenium integrifolium

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Noun1.Parthenium integrifolium - stout perennial herb of the eastern United States with whitish flowers; leaves traditionally used by Catawba Indians to treat burns
genus Parthenium, Parthenium - small genus of North American herbs and shrubs with terminal panicles of small ray flowers
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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Palynological examination revealed the highest pollen fertility in Parthenium integrifolium whereas lowest value was observed in Calendula officinalis.
Robins.:32409 Aster oolentangiensis Riddell:32690 Aster patens Ait.:32384 Aster turbinellus Lindl.:32385 Brickellia eupatorioides (L.) Shinners:32410 Coreopsis palmata Nutt.:32411 Echinacea pallida (Nutt.) Nutt.:32412 Erigeron strigosus Muhl.:32914 Eupatorium altissimum L.:32691 Eupatorium serotinum Michx.:32692 Helenium autumnale L.:INAI Helianthus divaricatus L.:32413 Helianthus mollis Lam.:INAI (observed) Liatris aspera Michx.:INAI Parthenium integrifolium L.:32414 Ratibidapinnata (Vent.) Barnh.:33075 Silphium integrifolium Michx.:32415 Solidago nemoralis Ait.:32386 Solidago speciosa Nutt.:32693 Solidago ulmifolia Muhl.:32437 Verbesina helianthoides Michx.:32416 Boraginaceae
On both prairies Helianthus mollis (downy sunflower) and Parthenium integrifolium (America feverfew) were among the top three species in I.V.