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Noun1.Particular Baptist - group of Baptist congregations believing the teachings of the French theologian John Calvin who believed in strict predetermination
Baptist denomination - group of Baptist congregations
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Four groups of Anabaptists and Baptists emerge out of the narratives: two types of German Anabaptists, the English Particular Baptists, and the English General Baptists.
Stephen had sailed with a number of other Particular Baptists, including two of his sisters and their husbands, on the Harpley.
Casting off their status as a persecuted minority, Particular Baptists struggled now to rise into recognition and power; and as they did so, with Clarke, Holmes, and Crandall among them, "their historic concern for religious toleration was somewhat relativized.
Her conjunction of these themes, he contends, stems not from her often-supposed link with the Quakers but from her association with the Particular Baptists and the Fifth Monarchy movement.
The events of 1678 to 1681 were not lost upon the Particular Baptists of London.
After these brushes with the law, Ward decided to train for full-time Christian ministry among the Particular Baptists.
Particular Baptists sharpened their confessional and conversionist statement in the Second London Confession with editions in 1677 and 1688.
39) Far from being revolutionary, these English Baptists--called Particular Baptists, after their adherence to the Calvinist doctrine of "particular redemption"--articulated their faith within the paradigms established by the mainstream Reformed tradition.
As a result, Howson can acquit Knollys of "Anabaptism" without fully coming to grips with the relationship of English Particular Baptists to continental Anabaptism.
HERE I must observe yt there has been two parties Among ye Antipaedo-"baptists in England every since yc Reformation; vz, Those yt have follow'd the Calvinisticall Scheem of Doctrines, & From ye Principal Point therein (Personal Election) have been Term'd Particular Baptists.
1) In order to establish their own identity and to gain a respectful hearing for the Baptist perspective, both General and Particular Baptists wrestled with important cultural and theological issues and strove to articulate a clear Baptist position.
Four General Baptist leaders (Richard Allen, Benjamin Reach, Mark Key, and Shad Thames) so opposed Caffyn's views that they became Particular Baptists in the late 1680s.