Particular customs

those which are limited to a city or district; as, the customs of London.

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That only proves one thing," said D'Artagnan; "and that is, that you have your particular customs in finance, and M.
They have a very particular custom, which obliges every man that hath a thousand cows to save every year one day's milk of all his herd, and make a bath with it for his relations, entertaining them afterwards with a splendid feast.
Across the world, small neighborhoods, communities and villages have particular customs, economies, family networks and needs that are unique.
If a question is raised by an individual business as to the meaning of customs legislation (for example the meaning of a tariff classification of a particular product which is being imported into the EU or the legal basis for a particular customs operation), the EU treaties require the national court in the relevant member state to refer any questions over the interpretation or validity of EU law to the CJEU.
Foreigners will generally be apt to bring with them attachments to the persons they have left behind; to the country of their nativity, and to its particular customs and manners.
The President cited in particular customs and internal revenue executives who are engaged in corrupt activities.
Failing to cover or uncover the head, according to the particular customs, can be interpreted as a deliberate sign of disrespect, with resulting consequences.
For civil authorities to interpret religious freedom so broadly as to allow sectarian leaders to impose particular customs and--even more--their morality on highly impressionable children and on adults under social pressures too heavy to resist is to annihilate the capacity for critical thinking indispensable to the unfettered exercise of freedom of conscience.
Fabulous independent restaurants and hotels, many featured under the banner of Welsh Rarebits, have clocked on to the fact that it can be very valuable to acknowledge the particular customs and traditions of our own country.
The result, sad to say, mostly gives little indication of the musical component of the particular customs shown, and in some cases can only be described as 'noodling'.
He argues that these interactions are conditioned by particular customs that involve a range of often ambiguous and contingent rituals for approaching government that are tied to social expectation, hierarchy, and changing meanings of community and political minority that are the products of governance at the everyday level.
The remarks deal with particulars about vocabulary, grammar, or style, they add further references to ancient sources or the use of proverbs, they occasionally refer the reader to corresponding passages in the treatise, and they offer more detailed information on ancient or modern authors and their works, or on particular customs in antiquity.