Particular redemption

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the doctrine that the purpose, act, and provisions of redemption are restricted to a limited number of the human race. See Calvinism.

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Baby you are so fine; it is women like you that make particular redemption a necessity.
Moore further maintains that Preston's hypothetical universalism was unrelated to the apparently similar theological moves of the Huguenot theologian Moise Amyraux and his mentor John Cameron, which Moore sees as a more radical revision of particular redemption than Preston's insofar as it depended on reordering the eternal decree of redemption to make election follow the decree of the atonement.
4) Wright also wrote that Thomas Crosby was not in error, as some have suggested, in attributing A Treatise of Particular Redemption to this same Thomas Lambe, soap boiler and General Baptist, who wrote of "those that are predestined, and therefore effectually called, justified and glorified, but others to walk in their own ways, as the vessels of wrath, fitted to destruction.
Many Baptists, Presbyterians, Independents, and Episcopalians adhered to such Calvinist doctrines as eternal, personal election, effectual calling, and particular redemption.