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1. One that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest, especially:
a. A member of a business partnership.
b. A spouse.
c. A domestic partner.
d. A lover.
e. Either of two persons dancing together.
f. One of a pair or team in a sport or game, such as tennis or bridge.
2. often partners Nautical A wooden framework used to strengthen a ship's deck at the point where a mast or other structure passes through it.
v. part·nered, part·ner·ing, part·ners
To become partners or work or associate as partners: partnered with a friend in a new venture.
To be or make a partner of: She was partnered with her brother in the canoe race.

[Middle English partener, alteration (influenced by part, part) of parcener, parcener; see parcener.]
Synonyms: partner, colleague, ally, confederate
These nouns all denote one who is united or associated with another, as in a venture or relationship. A partner participates in a relationship in which each member has equal status: a partner in a law firm. A colleague is an associate in an occupation or a profession: a colleague and fellow professor. An ally is one who associates with another, at least temporarily, in a common cause: countries that were allies in World War II. A confederate is a member of a confederacy, league, or alliance or sometimes a collaborator in a suspicious venture: confederates in a scheme to oust the chairman.


pl n
(Nautical Terms) nautical a wooden construction around an opening in a deck, as to support a mast
References in classic literature ?
It ended in the ruin of most of the partners of the Northwest Company; and the merging of the relics of that establishment, in 1821, in the rival association.
Both partners stood still, breathing heavily and wiping their faces with their cambric handkerchiefs.
A man and a woman, both young, partners on an isolated plantation.
Mary had heard herself mentioned to Miss Bingley as the most accomplished girl in the neighbourhood; and Catherine and Lydia had been fortunate enough never to be without partners, which was all that they had yet learnt to care for at a ball.
The gentlemen he spoke of were the other senior partners of the firm; for, as was always the case with legal associations of old standing in New York, all the partners named on the office letter-head were long since dead; and Mr.
IN THE COURSE of occasional visits to Canada many years since, I became intimately acquainted with some of the principal partners of the great Northwest Fur Company, who at that time lived in genial style at Montreal, and kept almost open house for the stranger.
Man and brother, partner in feelings equally with undertakings and actions, I have found a cash-box.
Now, as to the management of your capital while you are away, and as to the conversion of so much of it as the business may need from time to time--' His partner stopped him.
But after making several reflections upon the circumstances of my life, and how little way this would go towards settling me in the world, I resolved to go to Lisbon, and see if I might not come at some information of the state of my plantation in the Brazils, and of what was become of my partner, who, I had reason to suppose, had some years past given me over for dead.
This came to my ears before my new partner heard of it, and I had a great mind to buy it; so I went to him and told him of it.
The blunt savagery of Trent, his apparently heartless treatment of his weaker partner, and his avowed unscrupulousness, offended the newcomer much in the same manner as in many ways he himself was obnoxious to Trent.
To be secure of a partner at first was a most essential good-- for the moment of beginning was now growing seriously near; and she so little understood her own claims as to think that if Mr.

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