Parus atricapillus

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Noun1.Parus atricapillus - chickadee having a dark crownParus atricapillus - chickadee having a dark crown  
chickadee - any of various small grey-and-black songbirds of North America
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Conversely, temperature played only a small role in explaining the fluctuations of an English population of the Great Tit (Lack 1966), as well as of a Black-capped Chickadee, Parus atricapillus, population in Connecticut (Loery and Nichols 1985).
Punishment levels and the response of black-capped chickadees (Parus atricapillus) to three kinds of artificial seeds.
In his model of chickadee speciation, for example, Brewer (1963) invokes the Illinoian glaciation as the key to the separation of Parus atricapillus and P.