Paschal candle

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(R. C. Ch.) a large wax candle, blessed and placed on the altar on Holy Saturday, or the day before Easter.

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The Paschal candle will be lighted during the mass to symbolize the dawning of the resurrection of Christ.
During this service we also have the Lighting of the New Fire bringing us out of the darkness of the Easter vigil, and the blessing of the new Paschal Candle.
Luna-Mae's parents Sarah and Rob chose the hymns and Peter Pearson lit the Paschal candle. Godparents were: Samuel Quinn, Sophie Poulton and Lauren Cockcroft.
The only glimmer remaining was the Paschal Candle burning on the altar of the Lady Chapel.
One of the most important symbols used for the Holy Saturday celebrations, is the Paschal candle, which is made out of white wax and is marked with a cross, an alpha and an omega (the first letters of the Greek alphabet).
The neophytes emerging from the font are clothed in white garments and given a candle lit from the paschal candle. They now receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of confirmation so that they may bear witness to the paschal mystery and thereby extend the kingdom of God.
Is the focus on the altar, tabernacle, baptismal font, paschal candle and ambo?
It begins with the kindling of a new fire and the lighting of the Paschal candle. For those who have made the journey through all of Holy Week, it is a dramatic moment when the deacon lifts the candle and sings "The Light of Christ" and we respond, "Thanks be to God." Then the deacon says, "This is the night that Christ broke the chains of death and rose triumphant from the grave." (p.
A three-foot Paschal candle was left burning overnight following a funeral, causing the wax shaft to bend and topple over.
Many of these will include the lighting of bonfires and the new Paschal Candle - the largest candle in a church, which will be used until Easter 2009 and from which baptism candles will be lit throughout the year.
FOR many churches the Easter Services begin this evening with lighting the new fire, Paschal Candle ceremonies, often with baptisms.
Everyone looks forward to the helium balloon "cloud" suspended high over the paschal candle. We follow an old (now discouraged) tradition of extinguishing the Easter candle during the Gospel and thrill to the curls of smoke twining and rising.