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 (pŭsh′tō) also Push·tu (pŭsh′to͞o)
The Iranian language spoken by the Pashtuns.

[Persian pashtu, from Pashto pašto, perhaps ultimately from Iranian *parsāwa-, border, border people.]


(ˈpʌʃtəʊ) or




npl -to, -tos, -tu or -tus
1. (Languages) a language of Afghanistan and NW Pakistan, belonging to the East Iranian branch of the Indo-European family: since 1936 the official language of Afghanistan
2. (Peoples) a speaker of the Pashto language; a Pathan
3. (Languages) a speaker of the Pashto language; a Pathan
4. (Peoples) denoting or relating to this language or a speaker of it
5. (Languages) denoting or relating to this language or a speaker of it


(ˈpʌʃ toʊ)

also Push•tu


the Iranian language of the Pashtuns: an official language of Afghanistan.
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Noun1.Pashto - an Iranian language spoken in Afghanistan and Pakistan; the official language of Afghanistan
Iranian language, Iranian - the modern Persian language spoken in Iran
Jirga - a Pashto term for a decision making assembly of male elders; "most criminal cases are handled by a tribal Jirga rather than by laws or police"
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Being an advocate for music, love and peace, he's rejected those who broke music instruments and promoted violence,' said Humayun Firas, a Pashto language scholar, who translated the song into English.
There are no job opportunities in the area, so these men have spent a lot of time in touristy Swat District, where they have picked up the Pashto language, and that is mainly how they communicate.
Professor Hanif Khalil of Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad delivered lecture on the impact of culture of Pashto language in the national development and unity of nation.
Referring to Pashto language, Mian Iftikhar claimed that Pashto is the second biggest language of Pakistan.
The Pashto language broadcaster, linked to the US-funded Radio Free Europe, was ordered on the directions of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to be shut down last week, Pakistan's Express Tribune reported.
Kochi has come out from the Pashto Language Koch which means migration.
The Balochistan lawmakers tabled a joint resolution in the session, seeking launch of service of Pashto language in Quetta-based Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) and regularisation of contract employees in the official agency.
As the attack unfolded, Shamshad TV, a Pashto language broadcaster, stopped normal programming, transmitting only a still image.
The message was broadcast on the militants' Radio Khilafat station in the Pashto language.
The data was collected from sixteen native speakers of Pashto Language in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, by recording their oral-reading of a card, containing a selection of words.
Dr Zia ur Rehman, a new talent of Pashto language and literature was also present on this occasion.
Alemarah, which appeared on Google's store for Android apps on April 1, was in the Pashto language and included videos released by the group as well as major statements on their activity.