Paso Fino

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Pa·so Fi·no

 (pä′sō fē′nō)
A horse of a breed developed in Latin America, especially in the West Indies and Columbia, from Spanish breeds, and noted for its smooth gait.

[Spanish (caballo de) paso fino, (horse with a) fine gait : paso, step, gait (from Latin passus, step; see pace1) + fino, fine, delicate (from Latin fīnis, end, supreme degree).]
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This year, in addition to our Florida-breed and trained Paso Fino horses, Spectrum International will count with the attendance of renown Paso Fino Champion horses from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Aruba and the Dominican Republic.
Ted came to the Landrum area in 1976, when he moved his family from Wadsworth, Illinois, to Tryon to establish a Paso Fino horse farm, Rancho del Rosa.
The Colombian Creole horse (CCC) as an officially registered breed is not well known worldwide, only the Paso Fino Colombiano has become more popular in other countries.
Histopathologic findings in endometrial biopsy in the Colombian Paso Fino mares
A Paso fino B Pinto C Piebald D Palomino QUESTION 9 - for 9 points: Who in 2010 was the first British golfer to become world No 1 since Nick Faldo?
Colombian exhibitor AlphaOmega, which exports Paso Fino horses, have introduced prospective buyers, breeders and trade visitors to the breed and have reported keen interest shown by the regional equestrian industry.
(BNA) -- As the finest Arabian horse specimens take centre stage at the Dubai International Horse Fair (DIHF), a unique "Paso Fino" Colombian horse breed makes its debut in the Middle East.
"It's really the only thing about this story that has a silver lining," observed Tom Keppeler, spokesman for the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Grafton, watching the 14-year-old Paso Fino stallion nibble.
Spends leisure time riding Paso Fino horses with wife, Janice.