Paspalum distichum

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Noun1.Paspalum distichum - low-growing weedy grass with spikelets along the leaf stems
grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay
genus Paspalum - a genus of perennial grasses of warm regions
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Eleusine indica and Paspalum distichum populations from olive groves in Spain with suspected resistance and a five-year application history exhibited control levels greater than 68 and 78%, respectively, with 720 g ae [ha.sup.-1] glyphosate at 60 DAA.
Two of the specimens, Colorado River-hemp (Sesbania herbacea (Mill.) McVaugh) and knot grass (Paspalum distichum L.), were reported by Brister (2005) as major range extensions but voucher specimens were either not made or lost and thus are not included.
This inventory allowed recording considerable diversity in plant species, Paspalum distichum is the most abundant species.
Paspalum distichum L.###Fan-shaped, middle cell larger###Radial###Inconspicuous###Girders absent
latifolia are narrower than in Cynodon dactylon and Paspalum distichum, for example.
Four other weed species including Coronopus didymus (brassicaceae) Marsilea minuta (marsileaceae), Paspalum distichum (poaceae), and Sphenoclea zeylanica (campanulaceae) were consistently infected by the nematode but at population levels reduced from those found in rice roots.
maracuya 119) Paspalum mijo cromyorrhizon 120) Paspalum dilatatum pasto miel 121) Paspalum distichum gramilla dulce 122) Paspalum exaltatum paja mansa 123) Paspalum exaltatum granadilla 124) Paspalum notatum pasto horqueta, mijo perla 125) Paspalum pumilum mijo 126) Paspalum spp.
L'alta copertura di Paspalum distichum testimonia il contatto tra questa fitocenosi e i prati umidi che si formano nella fascia antistante al tifeto, al momento del prosciugamento dell'alveo del fiume.
A Hemi NF esc 11 Oenothera glazioviana A Holo H bi Micheli 12 Oenothera x fallax Renner A Holo H bi 13 Paspalum dilatatum Poiret A Hemi H 14 Paspalum distichum L.
III II Thalia multiflora V Hydrochleys nymphoides II Oplismenopsis najada III Myriophyllum aquaticum Echinochloa crusgalli Solanum glaucophyllum Hydrocotvle ranunculoides II Cissus palmata Eichhornia crassipes Nymphoides indica Paspalum distichum Eclipta prostrata Mikania cordifolia II Isolepis cernua II Polygonum hydropiperoides II II Sagittaria montevidensis II Echinochloa helodes Eleocharis elegans Paspalidium paludivagum Alternanthera philoxeroides Typha domingensis Ludwigia bonariensis II II II II Pontederia cordata Leersia hexandra II II II Eleocharis parodii II Ludwigia peploides II II Vernonia sp.
Dormant knotgrass (Paspalum distichum L.) seed imbibed water, but the hull and seed coat membranes did not permit germination (Huang and Hsiao, 1987).
Ademas de las especies consideradas en este estudio, se han citado para la Peninsula de Yucatan Paspalum distichum L., P.