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n.1.See Pasch.
Pasque flower
(Bot.) a name of several plants of the genus Anemone, section Pulsatilla. They are perennial herbs with rather large purplish blossoms, which appear in early spring, or about Easter, whence the common name. Called also campana.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Pasques Dieu!" cried the archer, loosening his jerkin, and eyeing his foeman over with the keen glance of one who is a judge of manhood.
It has extracts from natural ingredients such as Japanese Pepper, Korean Pasque Flower and Usnea Barbata.
Higher mean temperatures as associated with climate change can have a severe impact on plants and animals by disrupting their mutually beneficial relationship: The pasque flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris), for example, is very sensitive to rising temperatures by flowering earlier each year, whereas one of its major pollinators, a solitary bee species, does not quite keep pace by hatching earlier.
The Physician of the Year-Academic Medicine honor was presented to Pasque, a professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation at the OU College of Medicine.
For his own pleasure, Lonsdale, 59, raises collections of bog plants, pasque flowers, hellebores, cactuses, yuccas, epimediums, crocus and trout lilies.
Comfrey, forget-me-nots and pasque flowers also have blooms that are equally full of nectar and perfect for early emerging bumblebee queens.
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