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n.1.See Pasch.
Pasque flower
(Bot.) a name of several plants of the genus Anemone, section Pulsatilla. They are perennial herbs with rather large purplish blossoms, which appear in early spring, or about Easter, whence the common name. Called also campana.
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Annora Brown, Pasque Flower, 1958, watercolour and casein, Glenbow Museum, 58.
Herbs (including dong quai, chasteberry, and pasque flower) (19)
However, more number of injuries occurred to the shoulder (24%) followed by the knee (17%) in a study by Pasque et al.
Les enqueteurs veulent verifier si la direction de l'entreprise n'apas manque a ses devoirs de surveillance et de supervision en n'empechant pasque le groupe truque les logiciels de onze millions de ses vehicules dieselpour afficher des normes de gaz d'echappement inferieures a la realite.
Kollef, Linda Sharpless, Jon Vlasnik, Christina Pasque, Denise Murphy, and Victoria J.
Paslin, founded by the Pasque family in 1937, is a full-service design-and-build company that designs, assembles and integrates robotic assembly lines for Tier One and automotive OEM customers.
Altra azione costante e metonimica nel libro il deambulare, appunto, ritornando il poeta in questo caso sui propri passi, quelli di Pasque (Zanzotto, 1973; "Lanternina cieca", TP: 383): "difficile e lustro deglutire deambulare bivaccare".
Editors Cannella, P<AEe>rez, and Pasque present students, academics, and researchers with a collection of scholarly essays and academic papers focused on the historical context, contemporary landscape, and future of qualitative research.
Vincent Pasque and Jason Tchieu, postdoctoral fellows in the lab of Plath and co-first authors of the study, developed a roadmap of the reprogramming process using detailed time-course analyses.
Citation: Vincent Pasque et at; "X Chromosome Reactivation Dynamics Reveal Stages of Reprogramming to Pluripotency"; Cell, 2014; 159 (7): 1681 DOI: 10.
Tutti i palloncini delle vostre pasque, colmi di puro colore, sono stati spremuti su muri; tutte le automobiline verdi e gialle, e le diligenze rosse delle vostre epifanie--chiuse in un sacco per trenta, quaranta anni- sono state sparpagliate stamane per la citta; tutte le vetrinette e le tazzine e le bilance dorate della casa di bambola, custodite gelosamente da un'antica ragazzina, hanno fatto su questo marciapiede la loro apparizione.