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A book in which a trader enters articles bought on credit, and then passes or sends it to the purchaser
See Bank book.

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He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.
MCAs Joan Ogada (Kojwach), Michael Nyang'i (Kochia) and Charles Awino (Gem East) said they will pass laws so that those who lose property are compensated.
The provincial legislatures have been found to pass laws reinstating politically aligned individuals in employment individuals who had previously been removed on charges of misconduct.
They insisted on continuing with business and have committee sittings, where they can draw some allowances, and pass laws that will enable them to take car loans and mortgages without security.
To the possible indignation of Hawaiian pizza fanatics out there, Johannesson said that f he had the power to pass laws, he would impose a nationwide ban on pineapple pizzas.
He added, "to insist to pass laws in the Federal Court by unanimous will hinder the work of the Court, and laws will not be passed, so passing laws through the majority in the Federal Court ensures the success of its work," pointing out "the Federal Court Act will not be included on the agenda of any future meeting before agreed upon between the blocs.
Then again, what could be expected from lawmakers who pass laws minimising the income tax they have to pay.
National Right to Life is working to pass laws to ban these barbaric abortions.
In his letter on Monday he says that I was wrong in a recent column to claim that the Westminster Parliament cannot pass laws without notifying the European Commission first.
The role of Westminster in the current process is simply to consider whether the Assembly should be given the power to pass laws in areas where it wants to do so.
Some Texas officials believe that refusing to pass laws aimed at controlling firearms makes the state safer, arguing that a well-armed population makes would-be criminals think twice.
Perhaps our representatives would do well to actually consider their constituents and pass laws allowing a COLA to those on fixed incomes and stop giving themselves raises every year.