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pas·sage grave

A Neolithic tomb consisting of a passageway and burial chamber made of large upright stones capped with other large stones, originally buried in an earthen mound.
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Both Garnham and Richards point out that the houses were models for the tombs: the passage graves are structurally similar to the houses at Scara Brae, and both were covered with turf (Garnham 48; Challands, Muir & Richards 242, 245).
This week the subject is prehistoric passage graves.
But the dual carriageway would pass 500m from the buffer zone of Bru na Boinne, the world heritage site that is home to passage graves at Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth.
Most are passage graves, but the passages may be long or short.
According to the research, the Danish passage graves are most likely oriented according to the path of the full moon, perhaps even according to the full moon immediately before a lunar eclipse.
This association of death with underground darkness sheds some light on the meaning of the independent symbolic tradition incorporated into prehistoric passage graves of western Europe.
History surrounds you wherever you go - from prehistoric passage graves to medieval castles to the above-mentioned remnants of World War II.
Signposts to Bru na Boinne and Newgrange in Co Meath are sending drivers and their passengers miles from the famous passage graves.
The Celts believed that neolithic passage graves, whose origin was as remote in time from the ancient Celts as the Celts are from us, were portals to the otherworld.