Passaic River

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Pas·sa·ic River

A river rising in north-central New Jersey and flowing about 145 km (90 mi) to Newark Bay.
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The American Lawyer cited a number of high-profile victories achieved by Weil over the prior two years, including a jury trial win for Philip Morris in a high-stakes medical monitoring class action, and summary judgment rulings in favor of Repsol that successfully resolved a long-running environmental case arising out of the clean-up of the Passaic River in New Jersey.
Most of the reports came from people living along the Passaic River, according to (http://www.
Pascrell and Gottheimer were joined by Jeff Tittel, the director of the New Jersey Sierra Club, along the river walk on River Drive in Garfield beside the contaminated Passaic River.
Dewberry and the New Jersey DOT incorporated a series of environmental protection techniques while building the Route 3 bridge over the Passaic River that led to the restoration of Dundee Island Preserve.
Risk of gastrointestinal disease associated with exposure to pathogens in the water of the Lower Passaic River.
A system of water raceways that harnessed the power of the Passaic River and the Great Falls powered the numerous textile, firearms, and locomotive manufacturing mills in the area.
Ultrasound has special properties that have already been in use as a disinfectant to control unwanted organisms, such as bacteria in laboratories or surgical settings," said Professor Meiyin Wu, a biologist and director of the Passaic River Institute.
To determine the prevalence, antibiotic resistance and virulence factor profiles of Efs and Efm in the upper Passaic River, we collected duplicate water samples at six sites along the river monthly from June through October.
Much like Thoreau's relationship with Walden Pond, Williams' attachment to the Passaic River allows him to hold on to the idyllic imagery of the past:
Constructed in 2006, The Heritage at Lyndhurst is located 10 miles west of Manhattan along the Passaic River in Bergen County, NJ.
The corner of Division Street and McCarter Highway, a four-lane artery that funnels traffic through the city along the Passaic River, is a familiar intersection to Jose Canseco.
FLOATING REFRIGERATORS In Paterson, where hundreds of people had to be rescued from the raging floodwaters by boat or truck, the Passaic River reached its highest level since 1903, officials said.