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n. pl. Passamaquoddy or Pas·sa·ma·quod·dies
1. A member of a Native American people formerly inhabiting parts of coastal Maine and New Brunswick along the Bay of Fundy, with present-day populations in eastern Maine. The Passamaquoddy helped form the Abenaki confederacy in the mid-1700s.
2. The Algonquian language of the Passamaquoddy, dialectally related to Malecite.

[Of Micmac origin.]
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But under a bill the tribe plans to push in January, only Washington County voters would have to approve the plans for the racetrack casino, which the Passamaquoddies say would provide a much-needed economic boost.
Bourque and LaBar focus their book on the Penobscots, Passamaquoddies, Maliseets, and Micmac, who live between the Gulf of St.
As both Eisler and Benedict tell the story, the Pequots benefited enormously from the groundwork laid by Tom Tureen, a white public-interest lawyer who in 1980 used the threat of litigation to persuade Congress to give two Maine tribes, the Passamaquoddies and the Penobscots, nearly $82 million.