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adj. Heraldry
Being a beast facing and walking toward the viewer's left with one front leg raised.

[Middle English, from Old French, present participle of passer, to pass; see pass.]


(Heraldry) (usually postpositive) heraldry (of a beast) walking, with the right foreleg raised
[C14: from Old French, present participle of passer to pass]


(ˈpæs ənt)

(of a heraldic animal) walking with the farther forepaw elevated.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Middle French, present participle of passer to pass]
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Adj.1.passant - in walking position with right foreleg raised
heraldry - the study and classification of armorial bearings and the tracing of genealogies
erect, upright, vertical - upright in position or posture; "an erect stature"; "erect flower stalks"; "for a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression"; "a column still vertical amid the ruins"; "he sat bolt upright"
References in classic literature ?
de Port Royal, and he had made a collection, en passant, in the society of Athos and Aramis, of many morsels of Seneca and Cicero, translated by them, and applied to the uses of common life.
But I may as well say --en passant, as the French remark --that I myself --that is to say, Jack Bunger, late of the reverend clergy --am a strict total abstinence man; I never drink-- Water!
de Treville had served him so faithfully in his wars against the league that in default of money--a thing to which the Bearnais was accustomed all his life, and who constantly paid his debts with that of which he never stood in need of borrowing, that is to say, with ready wit--in default of money, we repeat, he authorized him, after the reduction of Paris, to assume for his arms a golden lion passant upon gules, with the motto Fidelis et fortis.
And here I may remark, en passant, that while nothing is considered so disreputable in America as to be "aristocratic" a word of very extensive signification, as it embraces the tastes, the opinions, the habits, the virtues, and sometimes the religion of the offending party--on the other hand, nothing is so certain to attract attention as nobility.
We remark, en passant, that George was, by his father's side, of white descent.
In he walked, the first and the handsomest; and after paying his compliments en passant to Miss Bates and her niece, made his way directly to the opposite side of the circle, where sat Miss Woodhouse; and till he could find a seat by her, would not sit at all.
The man who wore it had his armorial bearings embroidered on his breast in vivid colors; a chevron accompanied by a deer passant. The shield was flanked, on the right by an olive branch, on the left by a deer's antlers.
Statistique Maurice a annonce, mardi, que le nombre de touristes ayant visite l'ile au cours du premier semestre de 2019 a augmente de 0,5%, passant a 650.082 arrivees, compare a 646.865 pour la meme periode en 2018, a-t-on appris de source officielle.
S'agissant des drogues dures, la quantite de cocaine saisie a fortement augmente, passant de 1.708,526 grammes durant les quatre premiers mois de l'annee 2018 a 303.272,279 grammes a la meme periode de 2019, soit une hausse de 17.650%, selon le meme bilan.
Ces impacts negatifs ont ete partiellement attenues par la hausse de 12% des tonnages traites.Pour leurs parts, l'Excedent brut d'exploitation et le resultat d'exploitation baissent respectivement de 211 millions de DH et de 233 millions de DH, consequences du recul important du chiffre d'affaires et de la hausse du cash cost.Aussi, le resultat financier enregistre une hausse de 21 millions de DH, grace a l'impact positif des operations de couverture de change.In fine, le resultat net est en baisse, passant de 95 a -102 millions de DH.
Tour guide Passant Nur El-Din and director Moez Masoud -- Social media CAIRO -- 28 March 2018: Tour guide Passant Nur El-Din declared her divorce from Islamic preacher Moez Masoud after six months of marriage.