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Noun1.Passeridae - true sparrows: Old world birds formerly considered weaverbirds
bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
Oscines, Passeres, suborder Oscines, suborder Passeres - two names for the suborder of typical songbirds
sparrow, true sparrow - any of several small dull-colored singing birds feeding on seeds or insects
genus Passer, Passer - type genus of the Passeridae
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The family that dominated the population in number of pairs was Fringillidae (446.5 pairs), followed by Muscicapidae (194 pairs), Turdidae (117 pairs), Columbidae (85 pairs), and Passeridae (74.5 pairs).
Leucismo parcial en el gorrion casero Passer domesticus (Passeriformes: Passeridae) en Mexico.
On the contrary, 4 million sparrow, Passer domesticus (L.) (Passeriformes: Passeridae), roadkills per year were estimated in the United Kingdom by Hodson (1966), but the roadkill rate was not considered high enough to affect the overall sparrow population.
Fourteen polymorphic microsatellite loci characterized in the house sparrow Passer domesticas (Passeridae, Aves).