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Noun1.Passeriformes - largest order of birds comprising about half the known species; rooks; finches; sparrows; tits; warblers; robins; wrens; swallows; etc.; the four suborders are Eurylaimi and Tyranni and Menurae and Oscines or Passeres
animal order - the order of animals
Aves, class Aves - (ornithology) the class of birds
passeriform bird, passerine - perching birds mostly small and living near the ground with feet having 4 toes arranged to allow for gripping the perch; most are songbirds; hatchlings are helpless
Oscines, Passeres, suborder Oscines, suborder Passeres - two names for the suborder of typical songbirds
Menurae, suborder Menurae - lyrebirds and scrubbirds
suborder Tyranni, Tyranni - New World flycatchers; antbirds; oven birds; woodhewers
Clamatores, suborder Clamatores - used in some classification systems; a suborder or superfamily nearly coextensive with suborder Tyranni; Passeriformes having relatively simple vocal organs and little power of song; clamatorial birds
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La familia Cotingidae (Passeriformes) es un grupo diverso de aves con amplia distribucion en el Neotropico, comprende 66 especies descritas (Snow 2004, Kirwan & Green 2012).
Twenty-five were Passeriformes, 2 species Coraciiformes and 1 species each in the Columbiformes and Falconiformes.
Fifty three species were Passeriformes and the remainder (16) were non-Passeriformes.
The authors reported that migratory birds, especially species of the Anseriformes, Passeriformes and Charadriformes orders, are natural reservoirs for this antigen and, for most species, the virus does not cause clinical disorders, but can infect domestic animals and consequently, the human population.
(2011) Leucismo incompleto en Turdus fuscater (Passeriformes: Turdidae) en los andes colombianos.
Previous cases of bilateral Polydactyly in the thoracic pr pelvic limbs have been reported in species within the orders Charadriiformes, (4-7) Galliformes, (8,9) Falconiformes, (10-12) Strigiformes,13 Caprimulgiformes, (14) Columbiformes, (15) and Passeriformes. (16) Pentadactyly has been reported in 2 other swift species of the order Apodiformes, the Vaux's swift (Chaetura vauxi) (2) and the common swift (Apus apus).
Clinical and subclinical toxoplasmosis have been observed in pigeons and other avian species like Passeriformes including canaries (Serinus canarius), greenfinches (Carduelis chloris), goldfinches (Carduelis carduelis), sirkins (Carduelis spinus), Linnets (Carduelis cannabina), bullfinches (Pyrrhula pyrrhula), Hawaiian crow (Corvus hawaiiensis), satin bowerbirds (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus), regent bowerbirds (Sericulus chrysocephalus), and red-whiskered bulbuls (Pycnonotus jocosus) [6].
1 1.1 Larvas de Coleoptero 20 21.3 Ortoptera 1 1.1 Scorpionida 1 1.1 Mamiferos 32 34.0 Didelphimorphia Didelphis pernigra 7 7.5 Lagomorpha Sylvilagus andinus 13 13.8 Rodentia Akodon mollis 2 2.1 Phyllotis haggardi 6 6.4 Rattus rattus * 2 3.6 Reithrodontomys soderstromi 1 1.3 Mamiferos no determinados 1 1.3 Aves 20 21.3 Columbiformes 1 1.1 Passeriformes 1 1.1 Galliformes Gallus gallus * 2 2.1 Aves no determinadas 16 17.0 Vegetales 17 18.1 Annona cherimola 6 6.4 Carica papaya * 1 1.1 Pisum sativum * 1 1.1 Zea mays 3 3.2 Passiflora mixta 1 1.1 Persea americana * 2 2.1 Vegetales no determinados 3 3.2 Miscelaneos 1 1.1 Plastico 1 1.1 TOTAL 94 Items troficos Frecuencia de Ocurrencia No.
El orden mejor representado fue Passeriformes con 13 especies (54.2 %) y 6.80 [+ o -] 1.12 (1-13) especies/localidad, seguido de Accipitriformes con cuatro especies (16.7 %) (Cuadro 1).