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A member of a Roman Catholic religious order founded in Italy in 1720 by Saint Paul of the Cross (1694-1775) and dedicated to promoting devotion to the Passion of Christ chiefly by missionary work.
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Her relics are on the Passionist Monastery in Lucca, Italy, and her heart is in the Sanctuary of Saint Gemma Galgani in Madrid, Spain.
Brown and the Catholic Biblical Renewal by Passionist Father Donald Senior.
Paul of the Cross Retreat and Conference Center, where Passionist spirituality and warmth provide a serene backdrop for your next conference or retreat.
Since March last year, Gutierrez continued his usual Sunday Masses at the cathedral, his monthly conference with the lay ministers or 'Kaabags' of Marbel parish, monthly conference with the contemplative nuns, the Poor Claire nuns in Polomolok and the Passionist Nuns in Marbel.
The police killings "made us remember the gangs continue to have a political presence and a destabilizing presence in the country," said Veronica Reyna, security expert with the human rights organization Passionist Social Service, affiliated with the Catholic Church.
Paul of the Cross was the founder of the Passionist Congregation.
With simple steps and strategies such as adjusting our internal monologues, cleaning up our vocabularies to include more positive language, becoming a passionist rather than a perfectionist, and more, "The Perfection Detox" is an essential and highly recommended guide to living a healthy, full, authentic life.
Early on I attended a one-week silent retreat in Calumpang, General Santos, the place of the Passionist fathers.
"I am willing to go to prison for what I believe," says Father Newell, a member of the Passionist Community.
Welcoming news of his arrival, Fr Donegan said his fellow Passionist is "very energetic".
The book has one curious lacuna: Berry's identity as a Roman Catholic priest in the Passionist Order.
In 1965 Clara was a Charter Member of the Calvary Guild of the Passionist Fathers community.