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A member of a Roman Catholic religious order founded in Italy in 1720 by Saint Paul of the Cross (1694-1775) and dedicated to promoting devotion to the Passion of Christ chiefly by missionary work.
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Similar to the Passionists, the Concord Carmels have had to confront whether social media changes the essence of their cloister.
D'Arcy said he was informed later by the head of the Passionists in Rome that someone had reported the interview to the doctrinal congregation for possible theological investigation.
The move comes after a reshuffle with Fr Donegan leaving his role as rector and moving to the Passionists' Tobar Mhuire retreat in Crossgar, Co Down.
Veronica Reyna, a worker with the Catholic Passionists human rights group, said: "We've documented cases of security forces torturing young men for sport.
(18) Working alongside Yang was the editor of the new publication, the American Passionist Cormac Shanahan (1899-1987), who had served as a China correspondent for the Passionists' own mission magazine, Sign.
Over the course of 15 years, Professor Beck developed partnerships with Churches United for Fair Housing, the Roman Catholic Order of Passionists at Montserrate Church, and Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A, who encouraged the project.
The Development Director will oversee the planning, production and analysis of direct-mail fundraising campaigns which embrace and articulate the mission of the Passionists of Holy Cross Province as well as the aspirations and stewardship of the Development Office.
One is the number of Passionists available to staff the facilities.
Since this article is arguing for continuity between Enright's Passionist and Protestant careers, we need to understand both Passionists and evangelical Protestantism.
Passionists contemplate the mystery of God's love as revealed in the passion of Jesus, and communicate that meaning to others.