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tr.v. pas·si·vat·ed, pas·si·vat·ing, pas·si·vates
1. To treat or coat (a metal) in order to reduce the chemical reactivity of its surface.
2. To coat (a semiconductor, for example) with an oxide layer to protect against contamination and increase electrical stability.

pas′si·va′tion n.
pas′si·va·tor n.


the process of passivating a material
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0], neg Temperature Porosity Passivation layer such as Charge duration Tortuosity SEI Battery SOC Table 3.
Corrosion control is promoted by the formation of an adherent iron oxide passivation layer on carbon steel surfaces.
This so-called passivation layer protects the pipes' metal from oxidants in the water.
At first, we found that in parts produced from an older solution, the passivation layer has cracks which are not seen in parts from a fresh/new solution.
com)-- Sklar Instruments announced today that Sklar is now an approved supplier of Censis Technologies' CensiMark, the industry's only proprietary mark that does not disturb the passivation layer of standard or specialty instruments.
Being thicker and denser means that the passivation layer created by a nitric acid passivation process will last longer than one produced using citric acid.
An L-BSF PV cell has an insultion or passivation layer on its back.
Refining this surface with Scotch-Brite Metal Finishing Products, creates a smooth surface which potentially reinstalls the passivation layer.
However, the applied passivation layer reduced the depth dimension of the wafers.
The solution is to cover each quantum dot in a passivation layer, a coating of organic molecules that keeps the dots separate.
With new surgical instruments the passivation layer may not initially be as strong, but it will build up over time.
Chemically bonded phosphate ceramics (CBPC) can create a passivation layer that stops corrosion while being mechanically protected by a tough ceramic outer layer.