Passive flight

1.Flight, such as gliding and soaring, accomplished without the use of motive power.
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The Penguin is made an effective weapon by combination of covert targeting, passive flight path and selectable waypoint manoeuvres against most surface combatants.
Passive flight intercept trap catches revealed that preferred flight height and thus optimal trap placement for monitoring populations was close to the base of the dominant/co-dominant northern red oak, Quercus rubra L.
Passive flight intercept traps were located in 3 general geographic areas experiencing high levels of tree mortality (UTM Zone 15-N NAD83: Fly Gap-0431660, 3954978, White Rock-412668, 3949429 and Oark-0450792, 3952369) in the Boston Mountain, Pleasant Hill, and Buffalo Ranger Districts of the Ozark National Forest (Fig.