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Being or served with a pungent sauce of tomatoes, olives, garlic, anchovies, capers, and hot chili pepper: pasta puttanesca.
Puttanesca sauce.

[From Italian alla puttanesca, in puttanesca style, from puttanesca, feminine of puttanesco, like a prostitute, filthy, from Old Italian, from puttana, female prostitute, from Old French putain, from pute, feminine of put, foul, stinking, from Latin pūtidus, from pūtēre, to be rotten, stink; see pū̆- in Indo-European roots.]
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Little Italy (25207171)--ravioli, jalapeno poppers, sundried tomato and olive bruschetta, margherita, calzone al forno pizza, pasta puttanesca, tiramisu.
There's also the regular menu of lasagna, manicotti (sausage or vegetarian), summer ravioli, chicken Parmesan and pasta puttanesca.
To kick off the grand opening, Wild Oats hosted a preview party at the store on Tuesday, April 4 where nearly 3,000 Tampa area residents enjoyed mouthwatering gourmet, natural and organic food samples, music and entertainment, and a book signing and cooking demonstration of fresh pasta puttanesca by Tyler Florence, celebrity chef and star of Food Network TV.
Drink with: It holds up against the chilli, garlic and capers of Delia's pasta puttanesca.