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Louis Pasteur


 (păs-tûr′, pä-stœr′), Louis 1822-1895.
French chemist and microbiologist who was an influential proponent of the germ theory. He developed the process of pasteurization and vaccines for fowl cholera, anthrax, and rabies.

Pas·teur′i·an adj.
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Adj.1.Pasteurian - of or relating to Louis Pasteur or his experiments
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Debating diseases in nineteenth-century Colombia: Causes, interests, and the Pasteurian therapeutics.
In the early twentieth century, Pasteurian medicine in Siam served not only economic objectives but also the projects of state-building and internal colonialism on which the absolute monarchy in Bangkok had embarked.
Paxson describes how cheese makers are creating alternative forms of social meaning and social relations generated against a "Pasteurian social order established and maintained by the U.S.