Pastoral Theology

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that part of theology which treats of the duties of pastors.

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An affiliate member of ACHTUS, Avila Cosnahan has been involved since she was studying for her master's in pastoral theology more than five years ago.
According to Chiwuba, pastoral theology without the clergy mingling with the miserable, lowly, suffering children was a waste.
On his return to the Philippines after his Rome studies, he became professor of Pastoral Theology at the same seminary.
Beginning with the learned Latin traditions produced in the university milieu of Bologna, Padua, and Montpelier, she expands her analysis to less formally learned texts and analyzes the understanding of the accidents of the soul within medicine and with reference to pastoral theology from 1200 to 1500.
Ordained to the priesthood in 1963, he served as the founding director of the Sorrento Centre from 1965-1973 before becoming director of continuing education and, later, vice-principal and professor of pastoral theology at the Vancouver School of Theology (VST).
They deserve unending gratitude for their contributions to making the world a better place for us all, and for adding this memoir as a reminder of how marital and familial love can be a foundation for wise leadership and enduring contributions." - Larry Kent Graham, Emeritus Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care at the Iliff School of Theology
Careful readers will benefit tremendously from Leif Dixon's thorough study of late Elizabethan and early Stuart predestinarian pastoral theology. Contrary to many previous treatments of the subject that either assumed or argued for the anxiety inducing potential of predestinarian theology, Dixon compellingly demonstrates that the doctrine of predestination was a source of tremendous comfort in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Finally, B.'s presentation of Jacques Grand'Maison's biblically shaped prophetic pastoral theology, with its concern for small faith communities, its awareness of structural sin, and its rethinking of original sin in terms of the "sin of the world," helps ground the transpositions of the tradition that have been proposed in Quebec consequent to the Dumont Commission Report that defined Catholic faith as "an inheritance and a project." Taken together, these early figures of Quebec's post-Vatican II theology also help illumine the central role that the human sciences (as opposed to philosophy) have played in theology in Quebec since the mid-1960s.
The gathering was reminded by Laurence DeWolfe, professor of pastoral theology at AST, of two classical theological terms.
Qualls graduated from New England Baptist College in 2008 with a degree in pastoral theology. During that time, he said he also got his calling to be a preacher of the gospel.
It's a blend of personal experience, pastoral theology and Christian thought and provides a simple yet eye-opening new way of viewing the migrant and personal journeys through life and spirituality, and is a fine recommendation for Christian readers and collections.