Pastoral staff

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(Eccl.) a staff, usually of the form of a shepherd's crook, borne as an official emblem by a bishop, abbot, abbess, or other prelate privileged to carry it. See Crook, and Crosier.

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Conducting the rite of installation, Archbishop Mpako invited Bishop Nubuasah to the cathedra and presented him with the pastoral staff, the foremost insignia of the bishop which is ancient and identifies the bishop as the pastor.
This could include drop-in clinics for distressed pupils or youngsters could be referred by teachers or pastoral staff.
The pastoral staff and senior leaders respond to concerns from pupils appropriately, the report said.
"We are grateful also to the pastoral staff for always providing a listening ear, to the office staff who helped with admin and to the very cheerful and obliging janitors who supported us in all the events that we held throughout the year.
The advert says: "The successful candidate will provide a complementary service to existing teachers and pastoral staff in the school: addressing the needs of children who require help to overcome barriers to learning both inside and outside the school in order to achieve their full potential.
Support and pastoral staff can then follow up with those students before matters escalate.
All the awards are decided upon by each subject faculty and pastoral staff via a committee discussion.
New students are guided through the first stages of their stay not only by the caring and welcoming pastoral staff, but also by their assigned student buddies, who will introduce them to all aspects of school and boarding life at HIF.
A dedicated team of pastoral staff is on hand as required, helping to identify vulnerable children and get them the support they need.
They said: "By this they mean not enough pastoral staff in schools or teachers being adequately trained up in mental health.
The pastoral staff enjoyed all the connections this project developed in the church and school.