a.1.Having no pastor.
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We will look in turn at the paradox of pastorless churches in conjunction with a surplus of ordained clergy, the effects of political divisions within the UCCJ, the role of aging clergy and church membership, and the consequences of recent shifts in seminary enrollments and in recruitment to clerical training.
While the average worship attendance for 2001 in UCCJ congregations was 35 persons, the average in pastorless congregations was fewer than 20 persons.
Four days later he appeared in Suffield, having previously received an invitation to celebrate the Lord's Supper in the pastorless church.
According to his critics, Love, in his Mass announcement, gave the impression Molosky was leaving voluntarily--and there was no word of thanks for a year in which she helped hold a pastorless parish together.
Nearly forty years after that first visit, I've come to the Outer Banks with my wife and two sons to meet a circuit-riding Episcopal priest, retired, pastoring pastorless country churches in the tobacco Piedmont of North Carolina.