Patella vulgata

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Noun1.Patella vulgata - marine limpetPatella vulgata - marine limpet        
limpet - any of various usually marine gastropods with low conical shells; found clinging to rocks in littoral areas
genus Patella, Patella - type genus of the family Patellidae: common European limpets
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Annual variations in soft-body dry weight, reproductive cycle and sex ratios in populations of Patella vulgata at adjacent sites in the Orkney Islands.
Seasonal variation in the composition of pedal mucus from Patella vulgata L.
Roedd 'na beth wmbredd o lygad maharen (Patella vulgata; Common limpet) i'w gweld yma, a'r falwen hon yn anad dim arall sy'n gyfrifol am gadw cow ar y gwymon ar lan y mor.
Within the species of the genus Patella -93,81% of the quantified MNI--, the species Patella intermedia and Patella ulyssiponensis predominate, and the species Patella rustica and Patella vulgata are merely residual.
2008), Patella vulgata (Blackmore 1969) or Cymbula nigra (Rivera-Ingraham 2010).
Ar rai creigiau, roedd y llecynnau ble roedd y llygad maharen (Patella vulgata; common limpet) wedi bod yn bwydo yn amlwg iawn, gan fod y gwymon wedi diflannu'n llwyr o'r mannau hynny.
After mixing, conjugates were hydrolyzed by the addition of 150 [micro]L of [beta]-glucuronidase solution (99.2 U/L; type L-II Patella vulgata; Sigma) to all tubes and incubation at 60[degrees]C for 2 h.
The cleavage pattern of Patella vulgata is very regular (Fig.1).
Africa (Marion Is.) Nacella delesserti 86.7 England (Plymouth) Patella vulgata 20.0 Scotland (Orkney Islands) Patella vulgata 35.0 USA (San Nicolas Island) Lottia gigantea 57.8(*) USA (San Juan Island) Lottia pelta 38.0 USA (San Juan Island) Lottia digitalis 28.5 USA (San Juan Island) Lottia strigatella 2.8 USA (San Juan Island) Tectura scutum 38.0 USA (Maine) Tectura testudinalis 2.4 Australia (se coast) Cellana tramoserica 23.9 Australia (se coast) Patelloida alticostata 73.9 Australia (se coast) Notoacmea petterdi 57.9 New Zealand (Leigh) Cellana rodians 49.2 New Zealand (Motu Bay) Cellana arnota 18.2 Mean Mean density size Locality ([m.sup.2]) (mm) S.
Por una parte, destacan los moluscos recogidos por su interes alimenticio, en los que la especie mas consumida es Patella vulgata de grandes dimensiones.
Crofts' explanation [4, 5] of the mechanism initiating developmental rotation in the trochid gastropod Calliostoma zizyphinum, the abalone Haliotis tuberculata, and the patellid limpet Patella vulgata involved contraction of a larval retractor muscle and assumed that the larval shell on which the muscle is inserted is calcified or at least rigid.