runners knee

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run′ner's knee′

pain under the kneecap or patella caused by wear of the cartilage in the knee, as in cycling or running.
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A year and a half ago I developed lateral knee pain and soon after was diagnosed with patellofemoral syndrome.
Among the conditions addressed are hyperkyphosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, patellofemoral syndrome, plantar fasciitis and tendinopathy.
Functional and EMG responses to a physical therapy treatment in patellofemoral syndrome patients.
This often results in "runner's knee", or patellofemoral syndrome, in which the shock absorbing cartilage on the back surface of the knee joint gradually wears away.
We are of course talking about patellofemoral syndrome, and here we look at solutions and prevention strategies as our injury article series continues moving "up the leg" (see Keep Achilles Pain from Nipping at Your Heels in Jan/Feb 2014).
Scheduled for April 1-3, 2004, Running Medicine 2004: Sportsmedicine Care for the Endurance Althlete, will address such topics as exercise-associated collapse, hyponatremia, pre-participation evaluation, running with diabetes, patellofemoral syndrome, core stability and deep water running.