Patent yellow

(Old Chem.) a yellow pigment consisting essentially of a lead oxychloride; - called also Turner's yellow.

See also: Yellow

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The showroom will hold elite and antiquejewellery designs, classic understated patent yellow gold and diamond jewellery that will showcase P.N.
Grey court shoes, pounds 30, Dorothy Perkins; PARTY PIECE Turquoise Mac, pounds 59, Patent yellow clutch, pounds 15, both Marks & Spencer.
Yellow dress, pounds 16 @ New Look, perspex beads, pounds 6 @ New Look, leggings, pounds 8 @ Miss Selfridge, black sandals, pounds 40 @ Aldo; Black dress with blue trim, pounds 25 @ Dorothy Perkins, blue patent sandals, pounds 30 @ New Look, yellow bangle, pounds 10 @ Wallis, patent yellow clutch, pounds 24.99 @ Aldo; Purple shift dress, pounds 23 @ Wallis, purple bangle, pounds 10 and earrings, pounds 5 @ Wallis,; Grey and orange smock dress, pounds 55 @ Urban Outfitters, orange necklace, pounds 10 @ Wallis,; Strapless top, pounds 18 @ Miss Selfridge, leggings, as before pink necklace, pounds 8 @ New Look, pink patent shoes, Dorothy Perkins pounds 20
If top-to-toe is a little scary for you, try a patent yellow bag or heels for a touch of brightness.