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 (pā′tər-fə-mĭl′ē-əs, pä′-, păt′ər-)
n. pl. pa·tres·fa·mil·i·as (pā′trēz-, pä′-, păt′rēz-)
A man who is the head of a household or the father of a family.

[Latin paterfamiliās : pater, father; see pater + familiās, archaic genitive of familia, family; see family.]


n, pl patresfamilias (ˌpɑːtreɪzfəˈmɪlɪˌæs)
1. the male head of a household
2. (Law) Roman law
a. the head of a household having authority over its members
b. the parental or other authority of another person
[Latin: father of the family]


(ˌpeɪ tər fəˈmɪl i əs, ˌpɑ-, ˌpæt ər-)

the male head of a household or family, usu. the father.
[1425–75; < Latin: literally, father of the household, with archaic genitive familiās of familia family]
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Noun1.paterfamilias - the male head of family or tribepaterfamilias - the male head of family or tribe  
head of household - the head of a household or family or tribe
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"


[ˈpeɪtəfəˈmɪlɪæs] N (patresfamilias (pl)) [ˌpɑːtreɪzfəˈmɪlɪæs]padre m de familia


nFamilienvater m, → Paterfamilias m (geh)
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Representatives of creditors were sent into the house to entrust everything to Assur-malik before witnesses, apparently in agreement with the pater familias Alahum.
As the leader of this nation and as the pater familias of all Filipinos, President Duterte is expected to rise to his bounden duty and fight for her, and fight hard as he does for all the victims of this transnational infection,' Olalia said.
It was a long, slow decline for the pater familias, involving much contact with his local social services.
El abogado pater familias poco ayuda al prestigio de los investigadores porque viene a comprobar lo que varios han senalado: que el grupo de expertos anda mas en busca de una verdad politica que de una verdad cientifica.
the Continental doctrine of bonus pater familias and its Soviet
Es el caso del mundo occidental, en el que el padre representado por el pater familias, padre autoritario y tiranico, dio lugar con el paso de los siglos a la imagen de un padre debil, humillado e irrisorio (Metz, 2003).
The problem is not acute in the case of family-owned institutions where the pater familias decide, though history bears proof that such decisions lead to ugly situations.
It seems only right, therefore, that among Creeley's inner circle of friends was the author of On the Road, Jack Kerouac, the subject of a fine thumbnail sketch Creeley drew for the benefit of his pater familias, Charles Olson: "very blue sharp eyes.
As a young sovereign (imperial regent at age 20; emperor at 25), he had to assume contradictory roles: divine pater familias of the Japanese state and supreme commander of the imperial armed forces that were colonizing Japan's Asian neighbors.
He clearly sees himself not just as political leader, but as the conservative pater familias of the whole nation and the guardian of morality.
President Rajendra Prasad asked Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan if he could do anything for him or assist him in any way, to which the pater familias of the Gwalior gharana replied saying that he would like him to save the sanctity of Rg Darbari Kanada.
Supongo que alguna de ellas recomendara a nuestro perplejo pater familias que diga algo asi como esto: <<Mi descendencia la forman cinco unidades>>.