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Intizar's paternal aunt told Express News that facts are present in the closed-circuit television camera footage, which confirmed that Intizar was surrounded and killed.
In an interview to a news channel, Bilawal brushed aside all such 'rumours' and said the PPP board selected candidates for the upper house of Parliament and his paternal aunt was not among the contenders.
Tao's mother died giving birth to her, she was raised by her paternal aunt and uncle, who designed railroads.
The petition states that on August 31, Manzoor went to Bandipora via Devar-Aloosa Road for livestock marketing along with his uncle Jalal-ud-din Khan and paternal aunt Parveena.
The record was named in honor of Gaga's paternal aunt, who died of lupus at the age of 19.
00 (*) Maternal uncle, maternal aunt and their children; (**) Paternal uncle, paternal aunt and their children.
His paternal aunt is actress Anjelica, and his late grandfather was Oscar-winning director John Huston.
Officials registered a case against Deeksha's grandparents, an uncle, his wife and a paternal aunt.
Jang was married to Kim Jong Un's paternal aunt and is believed to have been 67 years old.
Among this crazy lot Sheikhu's paternal aunt, Apa, stands out as an incredibly strong woman, who brooks no nonsense.
The Press Trust of India had reported that Bilawal had left Pakistan after differences with his father, and paternal aunt, Faryal Talpur over party matters, reports The Nation.